Hello Raye Snapshots
Capture 4K renders of your products with Snapshots
Hello Raye gives dealers and manufacturers effortless ability to generate 4K renders of any product with an associated 3D symbol. Our render configurator allows you to use different materials and finishes to generate different variations of your products. With Snapshots, you can represent the diverse nature of your products without heavy investments in complicated tools. Create renders as needed with Hello Raye Snapshots. Sign up today and receive discounted prices on our 3D services.
Why Snapshots?
Snapshots gives you total control of the creation and management of your content, so your brand
can innovate on-the-fly and thrive in the age of online discovery.

Save money vs. traditional
product photography
Save time vs. traditional
product photography
Easy-to-use compared to
other tools
No complicated quote

How Snapshots Works
In three easy steps you will be ready to start generating your own
beautiful imagery. Our simplified interface allows you to change the
zoom, angle, materials, and finishes for each of your renders.
Gather design assets
Collect the 3D symbols for each product you want to render in 4K. We advise that you organize the textures and finishes you would like to use. If you do not have access to your library, our public library of colors and textures is available to all users.
Load assets into Snapshots
Once you have uploaded your 3D symbols, you can begin applying your custom materials and finishes. As you edit your textures and attain high-quality realism, a preview of your render will be available to you throughout the process.
Generate your renders
Each product comes with 6 free renders. You can add multiple materials and finishes per product. Please note, 4K renders take about 15 minutes per product (assuming 6 renders).
Snapshots Pricing
With a free marketing account you will have access to discounted prices and all three of our 3D
services – Snapshots, 3D model creation, and 3D scene creation services.
Prices per product
With Active Account
1 - 10
10 - 20
Subscribed members receive bulk pricing calculated at the end of each month.
Prices per product
Without Active Account
1 - 10
10 - 20
Plan on using Snapshots frequently? Sign up for at least a bronze account to get bulk pricing monthly.
Brands using Snapshots
oxford garden
Save money and time with Snapshots