CGI scene creation
Visualize your spaces & products with professional CGI
The Hello Raye CGI team works with you to create stunning visuals that will give prospective customers more realistic visions of your products. The process ensures close collaboration with you as we collect and study your inspiration photos, desired color palette, and intended series of products. With a straightforward tiered pricing model and a 2-week turnaround time, we pride ourselves on ensuring convenient, fair and beautiful CGI scenes for manufacturers and dealers.
Manufacturers or dealers with a gold membership receive a 5% discount.
The value of CGI scenes from Hello Raye
3D content created with Hello Raye gives you total control of the creation and management of your
content, so your brand can innovate on-the-fly and thrive in the age of online discovery. With CGI
scenes, you can convey a myriad of options without compromising your budget or schedule.

Increased conversion rate
with CGI staging vs. none
Fraction of the cost
compared to real staging
Fraction of the time
compared to real staging
Straightforward pricing
and turnaround time

How it will work
Start by tellling us what you are looking for and what your goals are.
Our team will guide you through the process every step of the way.
Inspiration & collection
Find scenes that inspire you and start collecting your 3D symbols for the scene. Provide your industry, color palette, and any specific notes on placement of products.

Learn more about the scene process
Submit scene order
If you plan to do more than one scene at a one-time, please submit an inquiry to Otherwise, get started with the scene order form.

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Review & approve
Each project has a dedicated point of contact. We offer up to two rounds of feedback per product, only after you have approved your renders will we collect your payment.
CGI scene creation
Be intentional and close more deals with a CGI scene that aligns most closely with your
audience. Representing groups of products side by side is sometimes not enough to give a
customer a clear view of how a product will work in something similar to their space. Choose
from three different sizes to get the perfect image.
Small scene
A more specific scene in which the lens covers a small area of a single space, usually a wall is seen.
Display 1-2 small or medium-sized pieces
Around 5 decoration & accessory items to match
Medium Scene
The medium scene features a lens covering a single space, typically with 2-3 walls in frame.
2-3 large, medium or small pieces
Around 3 - 10 accessories to match
Large scene
The large scene features a broader lens which covers a vast space or multiple rooms.
Ideal for displaying complete furniture sets
Around 5-10 accessories to match
Prices per product
With Active Account
One scene = 6 shots ($10 per additional shot)
Prices per product
Without Active Account
1 - 10
10 - 20
One scene = 6 shots ($10 per additional shot)
Brands using CGI Scene Creation
oxford garden
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