What is Hello Raye?

Hello Raye is a one-stop resource for designers to discover, search and source commercial and residential products. With access to necessary product information and assets, we are empowering designers to make educated decisions about which products to select for their projects earlier in the process. View our tutorial below to learn how to get started on Hello Raye today!


Is Hello Raye free?

Hello Raye is free for designers.

Can I contact furniture manufacturers or dealers about products that I am interested in? When will I receive a response?

Designers can send information requests for any product on Hello Raye. We will ensure that the message gets to the correct contact so that they can fulfill the request. Depending on the request, a designer should expect to receive a response within 1-3 business days via email. View our tutorial below to learn how to fulfill an information request on Hello Raye.

Do you sell products on your site?

We do not sell any products on Hello Raye. To find out if a product has buying options, please visit the manufacturer listing on the product detail page.

Does Hello Raye focus on certain industries?

Hello Raye's selection of products ranges across all types of market sectors, industries and styles. We do not focus on any specific industry.

Do you have Revit files? What is the difference between a “Manufacturer Model” and a “Converted Model”?

We have Revit files for any product with 3D information available. Some files are labeled "Converted", these files have been converted from another file type which may affect its performance inside the Revit application. "Manufacturer Models" are models that have been supplied directly from the manufacturer, we cannot know if these models are native to the Revit software or if they have undergone a conversion process.

Can I configure 3D models on your site and download them?

You can configure any model that is available for a product and download it in several different formats from Hello Raye Snapshots. Snapshots can be accessed from the 3D viewer of a product detail page. Once the 3D viewer is loaded, click on "Create Render in Snapshots" in the bottom right corner. Our texture list is general and is not specific to any product. If you want to apply specific textures to a model, you will need to upload the texture into Snapshots on your own. Please view our Snapshots tutorial below to learn how to use Snapshots and upload custom textures.


What are Hello Raye boards and how do I use them?

Hello Raye boards are a convenient way for you to save and organize products for your projects, or to simply keep your favorite products in one place. You can add other Hello Raye members to your board so you can collaborate together. Boards are also shareable to anyone outside of Hello Raye when you create a public link. Please view our tutorial below to learn more about Hello Raye Boards and their collaborative functionalities.