Twisted Hex 13″ Height by Tenjam

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13″ Height


This stacking seat has a twist and it’s more than just the cool looks.

 This stool can be used in a swimming pool or as seating in a school.

Use it here or use it there.

Use it inside, outside, or anywhere.

Waterproof Cushion: similar flexible foam commonly used in durable shoe soles.

Easy to sanitize and clean.

Weatherproof: indoor and outdoor performance.

Three seat heights are available to fit a wide range of people: 13″, 15.

5″, and 18″.

Stacking:  efficient storage and all three height units can stack together.

Integrated Handles: easy to pick up and move around.

Wide Base: great seating stability.

Stay Dry Top:  slightly crowned cushion designed for water runoff and quick drying.

In-Pool Use: maximum recommended water depth is up to 8″ for the Twisted Hex at 15.

5″ Height.

This is the List Pricing for the 15.

5″ Height only: Volume Savings:  Order 4 units or greater of Twisted Hex 15.

5″ Height, in the same color, and use this list price per unit: $190 List List Pricing Note:  The list price of this product includes free shipping to any location in the contiguous USA.

Tenjam dealers must adhere to Tenjam’s freight policy (and possible additional charges) and when requesting delivery to a non-commercial warehouse.

Replacement cushions are available and priced upon request: Item # 41007RCAG: Twisted Hex Replacement Cushion, Dark Gray At Tenjam we set out to create a stackable seat that had a waterproof cushion and could be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

We didn’t want a material that could absorb water or chemicals.

We started with a flexible foam used to make shoe soles and tweaked it to provide a touch more seating comfort while maintaining its durability and resistance to liquid, chemicals, and stains.

You can leave the Twisted Hex outdoor year round and in any environment as it withstands sun, sand, rain, snow, and salt.

Carry these between indoor and outdoor spaces.

When the cushion wears it can be easily replaced.

More Product Benefits: Rust Proof Strong – can support over 350 lbs Chemical Resistance – can withstand hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products Easy Disinfect – use 9:1 water to bleach ratio, hydrogen peroxide, and other common disinfectants.

Twisted Hex 13″ Height by Tenjam features 4 photos and has BIM / CAD 3D models.

This Outdoor Seating is available in commercial grade.

Request a quote today to learn more about how you can purchase Twisted Hex 13″ Height in your next design project.

Twisted Hex 13″ Height


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