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From an open plan office for collaboration to a private workplace and from fixed seating to sit-stand: The Ahrend Team_Up supports it all.

With a wide variety of design options you can easily create a workplace that suits the work of you and your colleagues.

With changing needs, The Ahrend Team_Up helps you easily expand your desks or adapt your setup: The system is completely modular.

,Create the ideal workplace for your preferred way of working.

With the different designs of Team_Up, you can create numerous private workplace set-ups, from duo-workstations to large 'islands' for team work.

From high to low, open or closed, the desk enables the user to have multiple options when using the space.

The Team_up can give a sense of security, enhance your personal comfort and provide a sense of visual tranquility.

With a low screen you create an open atmosphere, which is ideal for team work.

Also available as sit-stand desk, mechanically or electrically adjustable.

,With Team_Up you are ready for the future.

The collection is modular, which makes it easy for to build offices or to move them to other places.

Style the desk completely to your own taste: you have a wide choice of material for the inside and outside of the panels, the perforation or upholstery s and work top material.

The space at the back of the sheet-bearing frame, allows plenty of room for cable management.

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This Desking Workstations is available in commercial grade.

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