Alfa Trestle Fixed

Alfa Trestle Fixed

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Overall Dimensions

  • Depth: 19.25"
  • Width: 18.87"
  • Height: 31.87"


Alfa is the result of a deliberate chance meeting, because nothing is borne of coincidence. Alfa is a gamble rooted in an exchange of ideas and, above all, of ideals. Alfa is the result of strength in a union and passion determining direction. The birth of Alfa encompasses a little bit of us, a little bit of you, and a little bit of who take a chance on the line and not the item, the group and not on the individual, on the future and not the past. We may all come from different ports but, when the sun sets and dreams are dressed in truth, we board the same ship, because it is the only ship that leads elsewhere. Alfa marks the beginning of a collective journey. Living in a place or within oneself for too long, one loses the ability to observe and no longer sees the value of color and nuance, in this way impairing wonder. We travel in order to be astonished, to be amazed that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary when their hearts beat as one.

Chair with polypropylene shell, with frontal upholstered in fabric, faux leather, leather or fully upholstered. Trestle fixed “Classic” base, powder coated.

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Alfa Trestle Fixed

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