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46.45"H x 25.98"W x 24.41"D, Seat Height 25.82, Seat Depth 19.68"


Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss.

Three years of research and development have resulted in a simple set-up chair offering a greater range of adjustment than any other, making it a game changer in specialist ergonomic seating.

The combination of an accessible training guide, online support and an inbuilt indexing system for recording individual settings means there’s no need to stress if someone else uses Flo.

Easy-to-reach controls and a purpose-designed compartment for the back air pumps allow you to reset it to meet your specific requirements quickly, easily and without hassle.

As a result, Flo can be shared and used by a number of people, and in cases where the original user’s needs change or if they leave can easily be set up to meet different occupational health requirements.

Most office chairs are designed to conform to standards and anthropometric data that are now, arguably, out of date.

Ill-fitting set-ups and lack of movement can accelerate the onset of fatigue, and the problem is exacerbated when workstations are shared.

That’s why Flo has a broad range of adjustments as standard, and offers a simple choice of mid and high-back combinations among its options.

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This Seating Task / Executive Chair is available in commercial grade.

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