Flex Foliar Tile by Unika Vaev

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19.7" (501mm) Width x 17.5" (445mm) Height x 0.59" (15mm) - 2.2" (55mm) Thick


Flex Foliar’s unique design allows the overall surface texture to be altered by the user as desired.

By folding the leaves up an intricate 3-dimensional wall can be created; alternatively, leave some sections sitting flat to achieve solid areas which in turn will add further textural variation.

The dynamic folding feature of the leaves enable the individual to interact with Flex Foliar at any time they choose.

In addition to the 3-dimensional quality of Foliar color can also be introduced in a vast array of combinations or more tonally to suit a multitude of different applications.

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This Decor Acoustic is available in commercial grade.

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Flex Foliar Tile

Unika Vaev

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