FeltGood Corner by Fire Farm

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Panel Image
Panel Image

Overall Dimensions

  • Depth: 24"
  • Width: 24"
  • Height: 10"

The FeltGood collection is Fire Farm's most comprehensive and innovative lighting line to date.

Under development for over two years, FeltGood is designed on a grand scale of interconnectivity.

Each fixture is distinct, but the strength of the collection is the multiple ways the fixtures can be combined to create patterns and textures.

With ten shapes, six sizes, and nine colorways, the designer is afforded more than a thousand different elements to work with, and with those options, the possibilities of crafting unique fixtures perfectly suited to any given space.

The lightweight fixtures are lit from within by affordable high-output LEDs, easily replaceable as mood or technology demands.

The sides of the fixtures are made of a soft felt that consists of 90% post-consumer recycled fibres and is wrapped around the shade in a patent-pending process (Pat.

Pending 699,616).

A palette of nine bold and muted colors makes it easy to coordinate FeltGood with any interior scheme — and the felt sides may help contribute to noise reduction as well.

Need lighting to wrap around a column? Or to fill an open office with color and light, and be able to reduce sound? Or to provide innovative wayfinding for your corridor ceilings? FeltGood’s arsenal of shapes and its affinity for connectivity is the perfect flexible solution.

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This Lighting Pendant is available in commercial grade.

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FeltGood Corner

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