Exchange 3x2 wtih 12" Platforms

Exchange 3x2 wtih 12" Platforms

Overall Dimensions

  • Depth: 87"
  • Width: 63"
  • Height: 30"


Exchange is a modular soft seating system designed to bring infinite possibilities to open workplaces. Its exceptional versatility accommodates easy sourcing across an organization’s entire floor plan to maintain visual continuity. Exchange includes pieces expressing all functions common to open spaces, including benches, open‑plan collaboration, private open‑plan enclosures and banquettes. Many variations include a built-in arm cap that acts as a side table, available in a variety of laminate surface options that can be specified with power and USB to support the technology needed by today’s workforce. Its reinforced recycled molded plastic core results in a significantly lighter and easy to ship product.

  • 200+ textiles to choose from.
  • COM NO ARM FULL: 15.75 yds
  • COM SEAT: 7 yds
  • COM BACK: 8.75 yds
  • COM LW ARM: 3yds
  • COM LN ARM: 2.5 yds
  • COM HW ARM: 3.5 yds
  • COM HN ARM: 3.25 yds

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Exchange 3x2 wtih 12" Platforms

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