Comfort Booth

Comfort Booth

Overall Dimensions

  • Depth: 41"
  • Width: 45.5"
  • Height: 84.5"


Our all-new Comfort Booth empowers your team to do their best work with features like an optimized acoustic experience, integrated lighting, a quiet yet powerful ventilation system, and a powered height-adjustable desk.

The booth features faceted surfaces on the interior and a wood finish on the exterior that results in a neutral aesthetic that compliments your space’s existing furniture and fits seamlessly into any office setting.

  • Optimized acoustic experience that makes it the quietest in its class and keeps conversations private
  • Integrated dimmable LED lighting + full skylight ceiling lights up the booth & assures you won’t have to strain your eyes or leave your bright ideas in the dark
  • Powered height-adjustable desk allows you to easily change positions to work more comfortably and accommodates a 26” range of settings
  • UL-listed electrical interface allows you to stay plugged in and charge your devices while you work, including:
  • (3) 15A 110v electrical outlets
  • (2) fast-charging USB outlets
  • Open port for data and telephone cables
  • High-powered & breezy ventilation system constantly keeps you cool and feeling fresh while you work
  • User-friendly door handle & low 1/2” threshold allows users to effortlessly enter & exit the booth
  • Lightweight materials make moving the booth around your office painless
  • Easy assembly & disassembly make it easy to get your booth up fast or pack it down to take with you during office moves
  • Free shipping on all orders & free returns on your first 2 Comfort Booths

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Comfort Booth

Contract Grade
4 Week(s)
List Price:   $$$$
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