Bilge Chair

Bilge Chair

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31"L x 30"W x 33"H x 15"SH


The Bilge Lounge Chair is made from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves from Kentucky and recycled leaf springs from New York City fire trucks First, the natural char of the staves is sealed, preserving the deep, smokey tone of the seat & back The seat is then mounted on a spring base, providing comfort and resilience Each Bilge Lounge Chair is hand made to order in our studio The Bilge Lounge chair was introduced in Uhuru's early days when the co-founders dismantled reclaimed bourbon barrels into individual staves, metal hoops, and circular heads They then explored how each part could be combined to create unique contemporary designs while retaining each part's characteristics This use of salvaged parts spawned the Kupe Collection and a new dialogue within Uhuru's process of narrative design and demonstrated the beautiful potential of material applications Learn more about the Küpe Collection

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Bilge Chair

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