3D model creation

Flat-fee 3D symbol creation with a reliable turnaround time

Create nimble catalogs of products with Hello Raye 3D modeling services. Hello Raye ensures you own every symbol that we create. With straightforward and quoteless pricing, and a 2-week turnaround time, Hello Raye is a reliable partner for manufacturers for creating their own 3D content.

Manufacturers with a gold membership receive a 5% discount.


The value of 3D symbols from Hello Raye

3D content created with Hello Raye gives you total control of the creation and management of your content. Empower your trade buyers to convey their creative vision with your own library of 3D symbols.

Interior designers need 3D symbols for renders
High quality 3D symbols that you own and control
CGI staging & product photography abilities
Straightforward pricing & turnaround time

How our 3D modeling works

With 3D symbols, you empower your trade buyers to convey their creative vision. In three easy steps you will be ready to start generating your own beautiful imagery so you can thrive in the age of online discovery.


Gather design assets

Start collecting reference images, textures, and specification sheets per product. Please refer to our help section for what types of assets we need to create great 3D symbols.


Start your order

If you plan to do more than 3 products at one-time, please submit an inquiry to brian@helloraye.com. Otherwise, get started with the 3D collection step.


Review & approve

Each project has a dedicated point of contact. We offer up to two rounds of feedback per product, only after you have approved your renders will we collect your payment.

3D modeling prices

With a free marketing account you will have access to discounted prices and all three of our 3D services– Snapshots, 3D model creation, and 3D scene creation services.

Prices per product

Without active account


Plan on using 3D services frequently? Sign up for at least a bronze account to get bulk pricing monthly.

Prices per product

With active account


Subscribed members receive bulk pricing calculated at the end of each month.

Brands using 3D Modeling from Hello Raye

oxford garden