All your brands and products in one convenient place

Attract more leads by having all your brands and products easily accessible to designers. A hassle-free way to streamline your offerings and optimize the design process, Digital Catalogues is the fastest and easiest way to elevate your business. Now your alignments and products can all live in one place and be easily setup in your subdomain.

3D model creation
Enhance visibility
Enhance visibility for you & your offerings
Digital Catalogues improve your domain’s SEO and make your products easier to discover on search engines. By creating optimized tags that help designers find their favorite products in the geographic locations you service, we’re proactively helping you attract more leads and elevate your business.
Work smarter
Work smarter, not harder
Helping dealers stand out like never before, Digital Catalogues gives you a leg up on the competition by helping designers easily search and find the brands and products they’re looking for.
Share your alignments
Easily share your alignments & inventory
Hello Raye’s Digital Catalogues are easy to share and make communicating your products and brands with the design community quick and convenient.
Customize your account
Customized to your account
Automatically synced to your account, Digital Catalogues makes all your inventory information, including the brands and products you carry or represent, easily accessible for designers.
Optimized for designers
Optimized for designers
Fully equipped to enhance the design process, Digital Catalogues give designers the unique ability to create and send inquiries directly to your company as well as save any of the products you carry to their Hello Raye boards for current or future projects.
Standardized information
Standardized information & assets
Standardized product information and converted models ensure an optimal experience for designers. Instead of wasting valuable time searching, they can now easily find the products they love in one easy to access place.

Digital Catalogues Pricing

/ month
Includes Gold Membership
Simple pricing, valuable benefits
Second BenefitHands-free management
Third BenefitAuto-update per each release