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about Business Office Outfitters

BOO Furniture is the prime supplier of trendy and high-quality new and pre-owned office furniture in San Diego, CA, providing our clients with new and pre-owned pieces from the industry’s leading brands. Reinvent your work environment and design it for productivity and office well-being.

Your office is where you make it

Our Services:

Customer Services

In addition to delivering enticing office business furniture in San Diego, we manage clients’ projects from start to finish. We’ll handle your office space reinvention step by step, providing you with expert advice and assistance. For any issue with your pieces, our team will come up with a creative, time-efficient solution.

Office Space Planning

We help you maximize usable space in your office and ensure a high level of flexibility and functionality. Our team will create an office layout that will bring plenty of natural light to your office, ensure an uninterrupted flow, and incorporate your business brand in office aesthetics. Count on a productivity boost & an inspiring look!

Delivery & Installation

Once you’ve chosen your office furniture, our team will make sure it arrives at your location in tip-top condition. Not only that but they will also assemble your furniture pieces and install them following your exact instructions. It is our goal to enable you to enjoy your new furniture as soon as possible, with minimal downtime and delay.

Interior Design

Our design experts bring you a selection of most recent trends that will give your office a timeless look. Whether you’re a lover of sleek and modern furniture or you’d like to incorporate the minimalist spirit of Scandinavian style, we’ll help you create an office that reflects your brand and inspires your employees.

Business Office Outfitters is aligned with 20 brands on Hello Raye. Their brands have 13358 total BIM and CAD models for their products. If you do not see a 3D model you would like, you can request a specific model or file format from the product's page.

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