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about TOV Furniture

Beautiful furnishing for a beautiful life

From the very beginning, our vision was to create a different kind of furniture company. TOV is led by industry veterans with unique insights gleaned from nearly two decades of experience working in every phase of the business; design to manufacturing, dealers to consumers. In an established industry where change comes slowly, if it comes at all, we couldn’t wait. It was time to lead.

Frustrated by an obsolete business model that hadn’t changed for generations, we identified three dramatically different but inter-related challenges and set out to solve them one by one. We built TOV engineering systems for a better way, and it starts with a fresh, forward-looking mind-set.

We don’t look for the future in the rear-view mirror

The furniture industry is one of the very oldest, and as is often the case, what made sense back in the day may not make sense today. We’ve committed to being more responsive to customer needs, and not tied to systems that are no longer efficient, add value or put customers first. TOV’s better customer experience blends innovation and technology with old school best business practices.

We know today’s customer is looking for much more.

They demand a combination of style and affordable value. To give them that, the TOV Design Team is turned loose to go beyond what’s always been done and re-imagine the possibilities. The results are stunning. Our bold, cutting-edge designs are not only in-step with latest fashions, but set new fashion trends as we strive for the perfect balance between style, comfort, quality and price.

We built a company that’s easier to do business with.

TOV is more about you, less about us and committed to removing obstacles that make it difficult to do business. We’ve replaced legal disclaimer-speak with straight-forward, easy to understand policies written in plain English. Our goal is to offer more choices, fewer restrictions, and a higher level of customer service that may be rare these days, but to us will never go out of style.

TOV Furniture has 166 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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