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Sunline® is the exclusive brand of modern office cubicles created by the leadership team of Arnold’s Office Furniture. Sunline is the future of cubicles and it’s now available to businesses and dealers in North America!

Over the past forty years, Arnold’s has worked well with hundreds of various office furniture systems from brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Teknion, Hon, and Haworth and has made great industry connections along the way.

Over the last few years, Arnold’s has been strengthening its international relations by meeting and doing business with dealers, designers, and manufacturers across the globe. In September 2016, at the largest furniture show in Shanghai, owner/CEO Jay Berkowitz discovered a revolutionary sliding cubicle system that uses very little hardware and requires hardly any tools or expertise to configure. Since then, Arnold’s (Sunline) has developed a deep relationship with the designer and manufacturer to become the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada.

“Sunline Sliding Cubicles” have sold globally for years, but only recently were they introduced into the western world as Sunline. Nowadays, Sunline is blazing beautiful trails through offices across North America – leaving businesses with warm smiles and productive environments. The Sunline Sliding Cubicle is the ideal cubicle system to balance budget, beauty, and flexibility. Priced significantly lower than other known brands, this incredible system is made of high quality components that simply slide together for the easiest assembly, disassembly, and reconfiguration. Sunline® cubicles are available in hundreds of size and color combinations. And because of its ideal modularity, once your company is on the Sunline, it will never need to look for another cubicle system again. With Sunline, the future of cubicles is so hot right now. Sunline!

Sunline is the latest new US brand of innovative office furniture with a BIG future ahead and a GIANT factory behind it. Sunline is now a registered trademark of Arnold’s Office Furniture LLC!

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