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Starting in 1985, Sitmatic began its corporate life as a licensee of Sitmatic SRL, an Italian based furniture manufacturer, specializing in drafting stools. These stools, created for demanding industrial designers, gave Sitmatic early expertise in proper ergonomic design. Still the industry leader in ergonomics, the Sitmatic product offering has expanded to include every conceivable type of seating an organization needs to conduct their business. This includes auditorium seating, factory seating, cleanroom and ESD products, lobby furnishings, boardroom chairs and cafeteria chairs. And because of the ongoing relationship with Sitmatic SRL, Sitmatic product has the wonderful design aesthetic for which the Italians are world renowned.

By designing and manufacturing its own major components, Sitmatic achieves cohesive design vision as well as engineering integrity. In the seating industry, integration to this extent is rare. Due to a highly trained workforce, using cellular manufacturing process, product can be easily customized to exactly match client's needs. Manufacturing occurs in 48,000 square feet in Fullerton, California. Capacity exceeds 3,000 chairs per month.

Non-obsolescence is another important constituent of the Sitmatic philosophy. Sitmatic has never abandoned a product line. Complete inventories are maintained of all wearable parts, so that the chair can be easily serviced for years to come. As a product line matures and refines, careful attention is paid to ensure components from today's production easily install on chairs from years ago.

Distribution ranges throughout North America. Sitmatic in the United States is represented in all 50 states by a dealer network and by 51 manufacturer's representatives.

Sitmatic conforms to all applicable DIN, ANSI/BIFMA, ANSI/HFS and UNI standards.

Sitmatic is a privately held corporation. For further information, you may address inquiries to info@sitmatic.com.

Sitmatic has 1 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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