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about SAFCO

It's Actually All About You

When you work with Safco, you'll notice we're a little different. More approachable, more open to collaborative investigation, more focused on finding the right solution for each client.

Tell Your Story

We understand every client has their own story to tell. And, for over 50 years, we’ve been great listeners. Because we believe space is a great vehicle for expressing your brand and achieving your desired culture. It’s why we’re so focused on finding the right workplace solution for each client. We work hard to understand all the factors that drive your success because knowing what’s important to you enables us to deliver more meaningful outcomes.

Born From a Proud Past

Our roots stem from over 100 years of innovation and a passion for delighting customers—values long upheld by our parent company, Liberty Diversified International (LDI). We’ve inherited LDI’s customer-focused and values-driven mindset to put into practice the principles of Caring, Innovation, Trust, and Excellence to guide our daily activities. We honor our heritage and proud past and strive toward an inspired future as an American company focused on making your life beautifully better with our products.

What This Means for You

We believe furnishing a high-performance workspace that reflects your brand and culture should be simple. Offering unique solutions at the right price, we provide you with a curated and complete portfolio of products that help you respond to the new workday. This includes workspace furnishings and ancillary products from the Safco® brand, as well as those of Mayline® and Focal Upright®. Couple that with a holistic service offering and fast shipping, and you have the ideal partner to help your workspace and your people achieve more.

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