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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the leading provider of ergonomic solutions, high quality and innovative products and accessories, consulting and training. These products and services will help our customers create a safe and comfortable work environment.

We are a customer-friendly organization. We will ensure that the needs of our customers are the focus of our actions. We will have rapid responses. We will ensure that our products and services are superior in quality and exceed industry and federal standards.

We will act with professionalism, integrity and honesty. We will fulfill our responsibilities to society through environmentally friendly products and processes, as well as encourage our employees to be active, responsible citizens.

We value diversity and will strive to reflect that diversity in our work force and the companies with whom we do business.


In 1989 the mother/daughter team of Jaye Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk recognized an opportunity to manufacture and distribute Dr. Jerome Congleton's concept for the Neutral Posture chair. Congleton's ground-breaking research on a seating system that would support the neutral body posture, discovered by NASA, was the cumulative result of both a distinguished U.S. Air Force career (213 Combat Missions) and a subsequent career in Industrial Engineering and Safety. With his daughter, Rebecca, serving as his research assistant, Congleton developed the seating system of pressure-reducing contours and custom-fitting adjustments that would serve as the basis for the Neutral Posture seating design concept.

Years later, working from their garage, Rebecca and Jaye were able to raise enough working capital to start Neutral Posture, Inc. Surviving by hard work and word-of-mouth advertising, they instituted a generous policy of providing demonstration models to any customer - a philosophy that still exists today. Neutral Posture is now an international company with numerous award-winning patented products and the personnel to match. Neutral Posture has become a highly imitated and respected leader in adjustable office and industrial seating products of all kinds. As the only certified Women's Business Enterprise in seating, Neutral Posture has rewritten the rules of quality, customer service and value with the most exceptional product offering in the furniture industry. From ergonomic niche products to state-of-the-art mid-market products, Neutral Posture is the new corporate seating standard for ergonomic-conscious employers and organizations throughout North America.

Neutral Posture has 2 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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