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Jasper Desk Company is the oldest wood office furniture manufacturer in the United States. The company began as the Alles Brothers Furniture Company in 1876, and later changed to Jasper Furniture and Desk Co., then changed to Jasper Desk Company. Today we still operate at the original 1876 site.

During the intervening 138 years, many changes have taken place, such as new facilities, machinery, and product design to enhance and meet constant demand from consumers for greater office efficiency and style.

There were logical reasons for the woodworking industry to develop here in Jasper. Southern Indiana grows the finest textured white oak timber in the world. This undoubtedly influenced the industry here. Over the years, hundreds of roll-top desks were produced using the beautiful quarter sawn white oak of local origin.

On April 15, 1890, a patent was issued by the United States patent office to Mr. Frank Joseph and Mr. John Heim, the inventors. At the time it was the only patent issued to any operating plant in the USA. This patent covered the design of a dust-free roll curtain used on roll-top desks and was exclusively given to Jasper Desk Company.

About the middle of last century, a group of Germans migrated from the Black Forest area of Germany to southern Indiana. Many were wood craftsmen by trade, and naturally turned to the same kind of work in their new home. This migration of craftsmen to our community resulted in the passing of their talents on to others here through the years, we might say from generation to generation, therefore making Jasper an outstanding furniture manufacturing community, particularly in the office furniture field.

Jasper Desk is indeed proud of the fine family of employees that have given many years of quality service, producing items that have delivered customer satisfaction throughout the country. Through the years, many visitors, including exchange students have come here to learn about the industry.

When one digests the paragraph above, the word quality comes out very strong and maintains a priority here in the plant at all times. We do not believe that quality can be inspected into a unit. On the contrary, it must be built into it. We have top rated supervision and inspection to carry out this goal. Today, the company produces a very broad line of styles, such as Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary. All of these lines carry matching units such as credenzas, bookcases, hutches, files and a complete line of office tables.

We dedicate ourselves to continuing customer satisfaction and good will. We look with confident enthusiasm toward our 

next 138 years.

Jasper Desk has 28 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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