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about Artopex

The Brand and its History

The journey

As a family-owned company founded in Granby in 1980, our continued growth has enabled us to become a manufacturing company renowned throughout North America. Building on the quality and durability of the office furniture solutions we develop, we are deeply rooted in Canada and the United States. We count on a strong family succession, as well as on our extensive network of loyal partners who support us in order to continue our growth. It is with pride in our roots and with a commitment to our community that we wish to continue our expansion.


Artopex has the manufacturing flexibility to respond to each client’s needs and expectations. In addition to our standard furniture that meets the highest criteria for quality in the industry, we offer custom designed furniture to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.


As a forward-looking company, Artopex is constantly investing, innovating, developing and growing. Our team works in synergy to find smart and efficient new solutions that brilliantly blend beauty and practicality.

Artopex has 61 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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