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Agati designs timeless public space furniture that seamlessly blends form and function.

Design is everywhere. Some is bad, like the kind that breaks down and hurts your back. Luckily for you, that’s not what we do. Our design is comfortable, beautiful, and makes your life better because it enhances productivity and focus.

The Invisibility of Good Design

Oftentimes, good design goes unnoticed because it works so well. You’ll never notice a tabletop that never warps or a bench that never wobbles.

Agati design is good design. This has been our promise for 40 years. It’s one thing to design a beautiful chair. It’s another to design one that looks just as good years from now. And if your patrons never notice how well that chair has held up after a decade of use? Then we’ve done our jobs right.

Functional Furniture, Built for People

The thousands of people who use our furniture will likely never marvel at its solid construction or impressively strong joints. Because Agati furniture isn’t for museums or art collectors. It’s designed for the public to use — over and over and over again.

We get all the praise we need when our clients tell us their patrons keep coming back to work at our tables or sit in our chairs. It means your public space has become their go-to spot away from home.

Custom Solutions for the Future

Agati clients include libraries, universities, colleges, airports and many other types of public spaces. Our in-house design and engineering teams are relentless students of how people interact in these spaces and with our furniture. Our quality pieces and complete collections are tailored to meet their unique functional, aesthetic and technological needs.

Agati has 82 products listed on Hello Raye. If you would like a 3D model of any of their products, you can request a specific model and file format from the product's page.

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