We are Hello Raye!
A discovery and collaboration platform that is making office design smarter by connecting professional designers and firms with office furniture suppliers and reimagining how designers and brands discover, create, and communicate.

We are looking for industry leaders in the design and furniture industries! Learn more, and stay in touch for early access.
Robust warehouse of products
Discover downloadable 2D and 3D assets from leading office furniture brands. Explore and get inspired for your next project.
Community of leading designers & brands
Join a community of professionals and brands to make meaningful relationships, and deliver the best designs to your clients.
Seamless collaboration
With team based functionality and a network communication platform, we are built to help teams manage projects, inventory, and communicate with other members.
Hassle-free concierge
Leverage our community and network for accurate sourcing, pricing, and lead generation for your next design project.

For Designers

Discovery a robust warehouse of products
Join a community of leading designers and brands
Communicate seamlessly
Save time with our hassle-free concierge

For Suppliers

Showcase your inventory
Put your products in the hands of our community of professionals
Connect with the design community
Gain lead generation opportunity
Coming Fall 2019
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